Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law

The Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law (CIMEL), at SOAS, University of London, promotes the study and understanding of Islamic law and modern Middle East legal systems. The site includes reading lists for the study of Islamic law and a list of publications which have resulted from CIMEL’s conferences and lecture series. Some documents are reproduced on the site. Also accessible here is information and materials relating to the ‘Honour Crimes’ Project (2000-2005), which was jointly co-ordinated by CIMEL and INTERIGHTS.


Constitute is a research tool designed to facilitate research into and comparison of the world’s constitutions. Coverage includes most independent states. Content may be searched by topic as well as by country.

Cornell LII: Global

The Global section of the Cornell Legal Information Institute site provides links to internet sources of constitutions, legislation, case law and related legal material from around the world, which can be searched by country or by region. It also lists resources and document collections of international law.

Doing Business: Law Library

Doing Business is a project of the World Bank Group which is concerned with business regulations and their enforcement. This section of the Doing Business site is described as comprising “the largest free online collection of business laws and regulations”. Content is searchable by economy (including regional and income groupings as well as individual countries) and by type of law. Search results link to the full text of documents which are from official government sources wherever possible.

Eagle-i Internet Portal for Law

Eagle-i is a portal, developed by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, linking to worldwide legal information sources on the Web. Coverage includes UK, European, foreign, comparative and international law. The database can be searched, with options available to filter the search by country, resource type, or organisation.

Global Insolvency Law Database

The Global Insolvency Law Database (GILD) is the World Bank’s legal portal for insolvency and creditor/debtor rights matters. It provides links to bankruptcy, insolvency and commercial laws from around the world, which can be searched by country.


GlobaLex provides online guides to international, foreign and comparative law research. The site’s four sections are International Law Research (guides to over 25 topics), Comparative Law Research, Foreign Law Research (guides to over 100 countries), and Tools for Building Foreign, Comparative and International Law Collections. The guides include commentary, bibliographies and links to online resources, and are written by subject librarians and faculty staff from universities and other institutions from around the globe. The site is produced by the Hauser Global Law School Program (HGLSP) at the New York University School of Law.

Health Regulation Worldwide

This web site, hosted and maintained by the Health and Care Professions Council, provides a searchable online database of regulators and professional bodies for health professionals, with links to their web sites. Coverage is worldwide and includes international as well as national organisations.

HG.org: Law and Government Resources

This section of the site formerly known as Hieros Gamos has links to law and government resources for over 200 countries. Countries are arranged alphabetically, and under each country there are links to relevant information on the GlobaLex, Library of Congress, World Factbook and Doing Business sites.

Inter-Parliamentary Union

The Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) is an international organisation of parliaments of sovereign states which acts to promote parliamentary democracy. The site has information on IPU’s structure, purpose and activities. It includes the PARLINE database, which contains information on the structure and working methods of national parliaments worldwide. Entries give details of the parliamentary chamber, the electoral system, and results from the most recent elections.

International Compliance Association

The International Compliance Association (ICA) is a non-profit making professional organisation which promotes best compliance and anti-money laundering practice in the financial services sector. Much of the information on the site is for ICA members only, but freely accessible sections include extensive links to national and supranational regulatory and enforcement bodies worldwide.

Law Library of Congress: Nations

This is a section of the Guide to Law Online, a collection of annotated internet links on the web site of the Law Library of Congress. It comprises an alphabetical list of countries with links to relevant sites set out under the following headings: Constitution, Executive, Judicial, Legislative, Legal Guides and General Sources.


LawCite is an automatically generated international legal case and journal article citator which is being developed at AustLII with the collaboration of other members of the Free Access to Law Movement. Over 18,000 law report and journal series are currently indexed, and the database includes over six million cases and law journal articles from around the world. Emphasis is on common law countries but this is gradually being extended to include civil law jurisdictions. Decisions are searchable by citation, parties, court, jurisdiction and date, and search results include a link to the full text of the case where available, together with details of legislation cited, cases and articles cited, and cases and articles referring to the case.

LLRX: Legal Research

LLRX describes itself as an independent web journal which provides articles, research guides and other resources relating to legal practice, research and law firm management. Material can be browsed by subject, date and author via the ‘Archives’ menu option. The “International Legal Research” subcategory has articles and guides on international law topics and on researching the law in various countries and regions of the world.

World Legal Systems

Five legal systems – civil law, common law, customary law, Muslim law and mixed systems – are briefly described, and the world’s “political entities” (mostly countries) are listed and classified according to the system under which they operate. This is the second edition (2008) of a site first created in 1999 by JuriGlobe, a research group formed by professors from the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa.


WorldLII – the World Legal Information Institute – is a research facility providing free access to the law of over 120 jurisdictions, developed collaboratively by a number of Legal Information Institutes (LIIs) and coordinated by AustLII. It has two main components: Databases and Catalog. Databases cover case law, legislation, treaties, law reform reports, law journals and other materials from jurisdictions worldwide, all accessible via a single search facility. Searches can also be done by continent, region or country. The “Catalog” section of the site provides links to over 15,000 law related web sites worldwide and is structured under categories such as countries, regions, subjects, courts and case law, legislation, parliaments, publishers, law libraries, research etc. Basic searching is available from the homepage. To search over a specific database within the site and for further field options, click the advanced search link.