Appleby is a firm which provides offshore legal, fiduciary and administration services from offices in locations worldwide including Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, Shanghai, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, Mauritius and the Seychelles. Publications on its web site include articles and commentary on recent developments in areas of interest.

Bedell Cristin

The “Knowledge” section of this Jersey law firm site includes a collection of articles on various topics. Most of these are concerned with Jersey law but there is also material on Guernsey, the Cayman Islands, the British Virgin Islands and Mauritius.

Carey Olsen

Carey Olsen is an offshore law firm serving clients in many jurisdictions including Jersey, Guernsey, Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands. The site’s Briefings section contains a number of articles relating to legal developments in those jurisdictions.

Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman

The Channel Islands Financial Ombudsman (CIFO) was established on 16 November 2015 to resolve complaints about financial services provided in or from Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney and Sark. Its web site includes background information, guidance, decisions of the ombudsman, case studies, and links to relevant legislation.

Citizens Advice Jersey

The Jersey Citizens Advice Bureau’s site provides brief but wide-ranging information and advice on topics relating to Jersey’s laws and legal system. These include for example government and constitutional matters, criminal law, employment, family, housing, the benefits system and taxation.

Collas Crill

Collas Crill is an offshore law firm with offices in Jersey, Guernsey, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, London and Singapore. There are articles, newsletters and other publications on various topics in Channel Islands law in the site’s “Latest thinking” section.


GOV.GG is the web site of the States of Guernsey (the official name of the Government of Guernsey). Select “Government” from the homepage drop-down menu to access information of legal interest. Bailiff’s Chambers

The Bailiff’s Chambers provide support for the work of Jersey’s Bailiff and judiciary (the Bailiff being head of the judiciary, President of the States and civic head of Jersey). Publications include the Code of Conduct for Members of the Judiciary of Jersey. Information in this section of the States of Jersey’s web site includes contact details both for staff and for members of the Royal Court (Bailiff, Deputy Bailiff and Jurats), and the dates of the law terms. Judicial Greffe

The Judicial Greffe provides administrative and secretarial support to Jersey’s courts, and associated services to the legal profession and the general public. Content in this section of the States of Jersey’s web site includes information, guidance and forms. Viscount’s Department

The Viscount’s Department’s various functions within Jersey’s legal system include enforcement of judgments, an insolvency service and a coroner’s service. This section of the States of Jersey’s web site has relevant information, guidance and forms.

Guernsey Bar

The Guernsey Bar web site provides information primarily on the profession of advocate in Guernsey, together with basic information on Guernsey’s legal system. Readily accessible content (there is also a members’ only area) includes contact information for Guernsey law firms and a glossary of legal terms.

Guernsey Financial Services Commission

The Guernsey Financial Services Commission is the regulatory body for the finance sector in Guernsey. The site includes links to texts of relevant legislation, instructions, rules, codes, guidance and other documents.

Guernsey Legal Resources

This site, a joint initiative of the Royal Court of Guernsey and Guernsey’s Law Officers of the Crown, provides a comprehensive collection and database of Guernsey’s recent legal material. Content includes Laws (Orders in Council) 1950 onwards, and some key earlier items; Ordinances 1950 onwards, and some key earlier items; Statutory Instruments 1949 onwards; unofficial consolidated versions of Laws 1950 onwards and Ordinances 1950 onwards; UK Statutory Instruments 1970 onwards; Orders of the Royal Court 1949 onwards; Practice Directions of the Royal Court 2000 onwards; unreported judgments of the Guernsey courts 2003 onwards and of the Court of Appeal 1964-1989 (for access to these registration is required); Guernsey Law Reports 2003 onwards; the Guernsey Law Journal 1985-2000 (including the text of Court of Appeal judgments 1989-2000); and a link to the Jersey and Guernsey Law Review on the site.

Guernsey Registry

The Guernsey Registry holds information on all companies registered in Guernsey. Information and guidance on its web site includes links to laws and regulations relating to companies and limited partnerships on the Guernsey Legal Resources site.

Jersey Financial Services Commission

The Commission supervises and regulates the finance industry in Jersey and maintains Jersey’s Companies Registry. There are sections devoted to the searchable registry and to various topics such as banking, insurance and trust companies. Most of these have lists of relevant legislation, with links to texts on the Jersey Legal Information Board site.

Jersey Law Commission

The Jersey Law Commission was established in 1996 to identify and examine aspects of law with a view to their development and reform. Documents on its site include all consultation papers, topic reports and annual reports since its establishment.

Jersey Legal Information Board

The Jersey Legal Information Board site is the official online source of legal information in Jersey. Freely accessible legislation includes enacted Laws; the revised edition of the Laws, which first came into force on 1 July 2005 and is updated annually on or close to 1 April; and unofficial translations into English of some Laws that were made in French. Freely accessible case law includes many unreported judgments 1995 onwards and Jersey Employment and Discrimination Tribunal judgments 2005 onwards. Content for which registration is required includes Jersey Judgments 1950 to 1984; Jersey Law Reports 1985 onwards (updated quarterly); some unreported judgments; a “Library of Legal Books & Texts”; and annotated Laws. Further site content includes Practice Directions, the Royal Court Rules 2004, all issues of the Jersey Law Review (1997 onwards, renamed Jersey and Guernsey Law Review from 2007) published more than twelve months ago, and the Institute of Law Journal 2017 onwards. A new “Treaties and Conventions” section is currently being developed.

Judicial Committee of the Privy Council

The Judicial Committee of the Privy Council (JCPC) is the court of final appeal for the UK’s overseas territories, crown dependencies (Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man), and military sovereign base areas, and for several Commonwealth countries. This web site, created following JCPC’s move from Downing Street to Parliament Square in 2009, includes details of JCPC’s role and powers; lists of relevant legislation; procedural information (forms, rules and practice directions); details of current cases and future sittings; live television coverage of hearings; and judgments (“Decided Cases”) November 2009 onwards. (For judgments from 1999 to August 2009 and selected key judgments before 1999 see either the BAILII web site (to which a link is provided) or archived content on the Privy Council Office site.)

Law Society of Jersey

The Society is the governing body of lawyers practising as advocates and solicitors of the Royal Court of Jersey. Besides information on the organisation and activities of the Society, the site includes directories of individual members and of law firms, and the full text of the Society’s Code of Conduct.


Mourant is an offshore law firm with offices in the British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Hong Kong and London. The site’s “News & Views” section includes various guides and updates on matters relating to the offshore jurisdictions.


The law firm Ogier has offices in various locations including Jersey, Guernsey, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands and Hong Kong. Information on legal developments particularly in the first four of those jurisdictions is provided in the News & Publications section of the site, mostly in the form of case summaries and client briefings.


The Insights section of this Jersey law firm site features short published articles, briefings and “highlights”, from March 2014 onwards, written by the firm’s members.

Royal Court of Guernsey

The Royal Court is responsible for the administration of justice and the provision of judicial, parliamentary and civic services in Guernsey. Its web site provides information on Guernsey’s legal system, judiciary and courts, including the Magistrate’s Court and the Guernsey Court of Appeal as well as the Royal Court itself. The Constitution section includes information on the States of Deliberation, Guernsey’s parliament, which is known less formally as the States of Guernsey.

Sark Chief Pleas

Sark forms part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, and Chief Pleas is its parliament. Site content includes its rules of procedure, recent public notices, and a link to the web site of Sark’s court of justice, the Court of the Seneschal.

States of Alderney

The States of Alderney is the legislature of Alderney, which is part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Its web site provides information on the government and administration of Alderney, including Billets d’Etat 2017 onwards, Hansards 2016 onwards and Official Gazettes 2020 onwards. (Texts of Laws and Ordinances relating to Alderney may be found on the Guernsey Legal Resources site.)

States of Jersey: States Assembly

The States Assembly is Jersey’s legislature. Current draft legislation (“Projets de Loi”) can be found in the site’s “States Assembly” menu under “Propositions”. The same menu also includes Hansard, December 2005 onwards.

Voisin Law

Content on this Jersey law firm site includes short articles and “briefings” on Jersey legal topics and developments.


Walkers is an offshore law firm with offices in the Cayman Islands (where the firm was founded), British Virgin Islands, London, Guernsey, Jersey, Dubai, Dublin (Ireland), and Singapore. The “Insights” section of its web site contains articles on a wide range of subjects written from the perspective of those jurisdictions.