Bona Vacantia

The Bona Vacantia Division of the Government Legal Department administers the estates of persons who die intestate without known kin and collects the assets of dissolved companies and failed trusts. This section of the GOV.UK site includes information and guidelines for making a claim.

James Kessler QC

James Kessler is a barrister specialising in tax law and trusts. Within the “Books” section there is a free “Resource archive” to his book Drafting trusts and will trusts (13th edition, Sweet & Maxwell, published December 2016). This is a free resource containing reference material referred to in the book which links to full text judgments. For his other books you need to purchase a copy in order to view the online updates.

Maitland Chambers

Maitland Chambers is a set of barristers’ chambers in Lincoln’s Inn specialising in commercial chancery and property work. Its web site includes short summaries of recent cases and more than 50 articles on a wide range of topics.

New Square Chambers

New Square Chambers is a set of barristers’ chambers in Lincoln’s Inn which lists its main areas of work as civil fraud, commercial litigation, intellectual property, company, insolvency, property, trusts and estates, and offshore work. There are frequent articles and newsletters relating to these and other topics, with property and trusts perhaps most strongly represented. Also on the site are a number of calculators, amongst them a calendar for the years 1800 to 2200 and a term date calculator for the legal years 1972-73 to 2200-01.

Offical Solicitor and Public Trustee

The Official Solicitor and Public Trustee helps people who are vulnerable because of their lack of mental capacity or young age to take advantage of the services offered by the justice system. In this section of the GOV.UK web site there are contact details, forms, guidance and annual reports.