5RB: Sports Law

This web site of a set of barristers chambers, based at 5 Raymond Buildings in London, has a Sports Law section which includes digests of selected cases in which members of chambers have appeared (most are 2000 onwards with a selection from as far back as 1978). Some of the cases are available as full text. There are also full text articles, found under the Resources tab.

ASSER International Sports Law Centre

This site is produced by the International Sports Law Centre of the T.M.C. Asser Institute, The Hague. The full text of the International Sports Law Journal 2002-2012 is freely available. There is also an ASSER International Sports Law Blog which aims to be a knowledge hub for all things related with international sports law. It contains information on recent developments in international sports law, publications, events and cases.

Council of Europe: Sport

The Council of Europe’s Sport homepage includes recommendations, resolutions and declarations of the Committee of Ministers relating to doping in sport, match fixing and sport-related violence. There are  links to the Anti-Doping Convention, European Convention on Spectator Violence, reference texts and information about Council of Europe publications. Under the “Conventions” heading there are reports on how the Conventions are monitored by different members and texts of agreements.

Court of Arbitration for Sport

Also known as the Tribunal Arbitral du Sport (TAS), the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) is an independent body, established in 1984 and based in Lausanne, Switzerland, providing a sports arbitration and mediation service. The CAS site includes case law 1986 owards, news and press releases, in addition to general information.

Entertainment and Sports Law Journal

This is a refereed online journal, first published in hard copy in 2002 as Entertainment Law and currently published electronically by the University of Westminster Press. New content is published continuously throughout the year as it becomes available, and archived content includes all issues back to 2002.

Harbottle & Lewis

Harbottle & Lewis is a London law firm specialising in media, entertainment and sports law. The site’s content includes in-house articles and regular eBulletins. Registration is required to receive the latter by email: recent issues are directly accessible on the site. Articles and eBulletins can be found under the “Latest” tab.

Hillsborough Independent Panel

The Hillsborough Independent Panel was appointed by the government in January 2010 to oversee full public disclosure of relevant government and local information relating to the Hillsborugh Disaster of 15 April 1989, and to publish a report. This official web site, containing the Panel’s report and all of the disclosed material, has been temporarily taken down while legal proceedings are ongoing, but the report, published 12 September 2012, remains available here on the GOV.UK site.

International Sports Law

A narrative guide, with many links, to resources on international sports law, focusing particularly on the key institutions and organisations governing international sports. It was was most recently updated in April 2018.

Sport Resolutions

Sport Resolutions is the independent dispute resolution service for sport in the United Kingdom, offering arbitration, mediation, tribunal appointments and administration services. The site contains a news section. Under the “Decisions” tab there are summaries of decisions mostly from the National Anti-Doping Panel. Annual reports are found under the “Resources” tab.

Sports Grounds Safety Authority

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) was established through the Sports Grounds Safety Authority Act 2011 and took over the role of the Football Licensing Authority. It aims to create the conditions for safe and enjoyable experiences for spectators at all sports grounds, not only in England and Wales, but around the world. The SGSA publishes a range of guidance documents to assist ground management to safely manage their venues and to provide advice to local authorities involved in the safety certification of those sports grounds. A number of these guides can be downloaded from this site. There are also links to government circulars (found under “Publications”) and to relevant legislation (under “Regulation”).

Sports Law Bulletin

Members of Blackstone Chambers produce this blog which contains regular short articles, updates and opinion pieces about recent developments in sports law.

World Anti-Doping Agency

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) was established on 10 November 1999 in Lausanne to promote and coordinate the fight against doping in sport internationally. Under the “Resources” heading, the site contains the text of the World Anti-Doping Code, model rules and guidelines. Within “What we do” there is a legal section with case law  and legal opinions and articles written about the Code and its application.  Within “Who we are” there are links to national anti-doping organisations. The Case Law section also includes links to websites with decisions rendered by other Anti-Doping Organizations.