Accountant in Bankruptcy

The Accountant in Bankruptcy is an executive agency of the Scottish Government. It is responsible for administering the process of personal bankruptcy and recording corporate insolvencies in Scotland. The site includes various publications and guides on the process of insolvency in Scotland, annual reports 1986-87 onwards, and relevant legislation (found under “Guidance”).

Companies List

The Companies List (formerly known as the Companies Court) is a specialist court, part of the Business and Property Courts of the High Court of Justice, which handles cases relating to insolvency of companies and other company matters. Information here on the GOV.UK portal site includes forms and guidance, location and contact details, and links to daily cause lists and to the Companies Court Winding Up List,

Global Insolvency Law Database

The Global Insolvency Law Database (GILD) is the World Bank’s legal portal for insolvency and creditor/debtor rights matters. It provides links to bankruptcy, insolvency and commercial laws from around the world, which can be searched by country.

Insolvency Practitioners Association

The IPA’s site includes Statements of Insolvency Practice (SIPs), general guidance and links to relevant legislation. All of these can be found under the “Regulation and Guidance” tab.

Insolvency Service

The Insolvency Service is an executive agency sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. It administers bankruptcies and debt relief orders; looks into the affairs of companies in liquidation and makes reports of any director misconduct; and investigates trading companies and takes action to wind them up and/or disqualify the directors if there is evidence of misconduct. Content on the GOV.UK site includes guidance, consultations and registers of disqualified directors and individuals.

Insolvency Service [Northern Ireland]

The Insolvency Service for Northern Ireland is part of the Department for the Economy. Its site includes links to relevant legislation, guidance for insolvency practitioners, and details of bankruptcy and liquidation processes in Northern Ireland. Legislation is found under the “Introduction to the Insolvency Service” tab.

International Insolvency Institute

The International Insolvency Institute (III) is a non-profit, limited-membership organisation. It is dedicated to improving international cooperation in the insolvency field and focuses on promoting greater international cooperation and coordination through improvements in the law and in legal procedures. Under International Resource Library there is a section on country resources, which may include articles, legislation and decisions. Within this there is also an EU section that includes legislation, decisions and articles.