Alternative Family Law

Alternative Family Law was a London law firm specialising in family law, established by solicitor and mediator Andrea Woelke in 2005. Its web site is still available, and includes information about all aspects of English family law, with particular emphasis on alternative approaches to family law and issues relating to same-sex relationships.

Gender Recognition Panel

The Gender Recognition Panel, established under the Gender Recognition Act 2004, assesses applications from those who wish their acquired gender to be legally recognised. This section of the GOV.UK web site has information on the application process for a Gender Recognition Certificate, forms and guidance, a list of specialists in the field of gender dysphoria, and links to legislation.

Government Equalities Office

The Government Equalities Office (GEO) is a unit which works across government in the UK to improve social equality and reduce discrimination. This section of the GOV.UK web site has information on its responsibilities and activities, policy papers, guidance, consultation documents, statistics and other publications.

Press for Change

Press for Change is a political lobbying and educational organisation which campaigns to achieve equal civil rights and liberties for all transgender people in the United Kingdom. Its “The Law” section features relevant UK legislation and case law from tribunals and courts in the UK concerning gender reassignment.