Clipsearch is a chargeable service (subscription or pay-as-you-go) which enables users to search the NLA (Newspaper Licensing Agency) database of electronic newspaper clippings from over 140 UK national and regional newspapers, and to obtain newspaper stories in the same format as they originally appeared in print. Coverage is generally from 2006 onwards, though some publications have a later starting date.

Financial Times

The Financial Times newspaper is essentially a subscription site, although by registering it is possible to view up to three articles in a thirty-day period.

Google News

Google News collates articles from the last thirty days from more than 4,500 English language newspapers and other media sources worldwide. The headlines are selected by a computer algorithm without human editorial intervention. The stories are arranged such that one can easily see how various news services are treating each one.


The Guardian newspaper carries news items and features on legal issues most days (see News>UK>Law), although it no longer publishes law reports. The Law section of this online version is accessible at The site’s free archived content goes back to September 1998. There is also a subscription-based Digital Archive of the entire newspaper extending back to its foundation in 1821.


The Independent newspaper, which since March 2016 has appeared in digital form only, frequently has in-depth coverage of legal topics, but stopped publishing law reports some years ago, and there is no dedicated law section on its web site. There is a free archive from 1992 onwards.


Paperboy is a gateway to over 11,500 newspaper web sites worldwide. To search only UK newspapers, select UK from the “World Newspapers” menu.


The Telegraph web site includes material from print editions of both the Daily Telegraph and the Sunday Telegraph as well as web-only content. Although the newspaper no longer publishes law reports, it features extensive coverage of legal matters. Note that a small amount of content remains freely accessible, but the vast majority of news content and comment is marked “Premium” and, the first few words apart, is available on subscription.

The Gazette

The London Gazette (first published 1665), Edinburgh Gazette (first published 1699, content available online 1796 onwards) and Belfast Gazette (first published 1921) are the official newspapers of record of the United Kingdom, recording and disseminating a wide range of official, regulatory and legal information. Legal content includes insolvency notices and certain Orders in Council. The free online archive for all three Gazettes is to be found on this website launched early in 2014, each Gazette having previously had its own web presence.

The Times

The Times newspaper gives considerable coverage to legal matters and is the only UK national daily newspaper still publishing law reports. The site has a dedicated Law section. Since June 2010 the online version of the paper is available by subscription only. provides links to English language newspaper and magazine web sites which contain free online content. These may be displayed by country or by subject. There are brief descriptive notes on each title.