Law and Legal Research in Zambia

This account of the Zambia’s legal sytem and sources, made available on the GlobaLex site, was written by Alfred S. Magagula, a graduate fellow from the University of Swaziland. The latest updated version was published September 2014.

National Assembly of Zambia

The Debates and Proceedings section of the Zambian Parliament’s web site (within Publications) provides access to the verbatim reports of parliamentary debates, 2001 onwards, while the Constitution and Laws section has the Laws of Zambia in force 1996, in 26 volumes. Each Act is a separate PDF file. Annual Acts, 1997 onwards, and Bills before Parliament are also available.


ZambiaLII is part of the Free Access to Law Movement. It provides access on this site to Laws consolidated to 2006 and subsequent annual laws (Acts and Statutory Instruments). Judgments are available as follows: Supreme Court 1974 onwards, Court of Appeal 2017 onwards, High Court 1931 onwards (some years incomplete or lacking), Industrial Court 2011 onwards, and Constitutional Court 2016 onwards,