Competition Tribunal, South Africa

The Competition Tribunal was established in 1999 and adjudicates on such matters as restrictive practices, abuse of dominant position and mergers. The web site includes the Competition Act, the Tribunal’s rules, forms, and a collection of Decisions by the Tribunal, 2000 onwards. The Publications section contains annual reports, 1999/2000 onwards.

Constitutional Court of South Africa

The Constitutional Court of South Africa began hearings in 1995. Its present web site, launched in February 2005 to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the Court’s establishment, includes full text and summaries of judgments, 1995 onwards; the interim (1993) and final (1996) Constitutions of South Africa; rules of the Court; biographical information on current and former judges; and access to the Library catalogue.

De Rebus

De Rebus is a monthly journal for South African attorneys, published by the Law Society of South Africa and covering developments in law, legal practice and the legal profession. A monthly column discusses new cases reported in the South African Law Reports. The archive of this electronic version covers the period 2012 onwards.

Laws of South Africa

Laws of South Africa is a project of the Oliver R Tambo Law Library, University of Pretoria, in partnership with SAFLII (Southern African Legal Information Institute) and the Constitutional Court Trust, the aim of which is to consolidate the South African legislation (Acts of Parliament) and to supply this information free to the public. In addition, the database includes point-in-time or historical versions of the Acts. The database was launched in September 2013 and currently represents a work in progress; coverage is not yet comprehensive.


The LegalB database is one of a range of services provided by a firm of compliance specialists based in Johannesburg. It provides information on South African national legislation, 1994 to date. For each Act there is an overview giving the long title of the Act and listing its sections (including details of insertions and repeals), a list of amending Acts and links to the text of the Act, as passed and as amended. Amended versions of Acts are available to subscribers only. There are lists of Acts for the period 1910 to 1994 and background information about sources of South African law from all periods.

Parliament of the Republic of South Africa

The South African Parliament in its present form dates from the Constitution of 1996, and is made up of the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces. The web site provides information on the functions and membership of both Houses, Hansard, minutes of proceedings, Acts, 1993 onwards and Bills currently before Parliament.


Polity is a large-scale news/gateway site maintained by publishing company Creamer Media, carrying extensive news coverage and comment on economic, legal and political matters. Resources include Acts 1993 onwards, Bills 1995 onwards, Regulations 1996 onwards, Notices 1998 onwards and policy documents 1996 onwards. The home page provides links to the latest cases in the Constitutional Court, Supreme Court of Appeal, High Courts and Magistrates’ Courts, and to new legislation. These documents are available to download. The site also provides information on government departments, and has many links to web sites of government departments, statutory bodies and provincial legislatures.

Researching South African Law

Originally written by Amanda Barratt and Pamela Snyman, both of the University of Cape Town Law Library, this is a narrative account of the South African legal system and legal research, with links to the sources mentioned. A revised edition was published March 2005, and the latest update, by Salona Lutchman, was published here on the GlobaLex site March 2018.


SAFLII is the Southern African Legal Information Institute. Its web site provides free access to primary legal materials from South Africa and fifteen other countries in Southern and East Africa. The following South African case law is available: Constitutional Court, 1995 onwards, Supreme Court of Appeal, 1971 onwards (very selective before 1984), Labour Court, 1997 onwards, Land Claims Court, 1996 onwards, and a good many other specialist courts. Also available are judgments of various Provincial Divisions of the High Court. Legislation is available in current and (for selected Acts and Regulations) historic versions. Links are provided to South African Law Reform Commission publications.

South Africa: IALS Library Guides

This guide from the Library of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (University of London), although to a certain extent relating to the Library’s own holdings, nonetheless provides a useful summary of South African constitutional and legal history, sources of law, legislative process and the administration of justice. The coverage of online resources indicates what material is available on subscription-based services (in fact, not a great deal) as well as providing links to free resources. Much of the advice given on legal research methods is transferable to other other library collections.

South African Government

The “Documents” section of South Africa’s official government web site includes the 1996 Constitution, Acts 1991 onwards, Bills 1996 onwards, White Papers 1994 onwards and Green Papers 1995 onwards. Other content of legal interest includes information on South Africa’s courts and justice system, within the section “About Government”.

South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law

The South African Institute of Intellectual Property Law (SAIIPL) represents nearly 190 patent attorneys, patent agents and trade mark practitioners. Its web site provides a brief outline of the main aspects of South African intellectual property law, a directory of members and firms, the SAIIPL Code of Ethics, and the Institute’s newsletter, IP Briefs, 2014 onwards.

South African Law Reform Commission

The South African Law Reform Commission (SALRC), formerly called the South African Law Commission, exists to make recommendations for the development, improvement, modernisation or reform of South African law. It publishes annual reports, bulletins, media releases, issue papers, reports and research papers. Publications from 1996 onwards are available on the web site.

Supreme Court of Appeal of South Africa

The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) of South Africa, successor since 1996 to the Appellate Division, is South Africa’s second highest court after the Constitutional Court. Its web site contains judgments, 1999 onwards, information on the history and background of the court, judges’ CVs, court rules, practice directions and a quarterly bulletin giving details of reserved judgments and cases enrolled for hearing.