Attorney General’s Chambers of Malaysia

This official site is notable in particular for providing the Laws of Malaysia, in PDF format. This incorporates all principal laws enacted after 1969, and pre-1969 laws as revised since then. These are listed numerically with links to full text in both English and Malay. Recent legislation is additionally obtainable using the link to e-Federal Gazette, which contains PDFs of federal legislation gazetted since 2011.

Introduction to the Malaysian Legal System and Sources of Law

This account, from a historical perspective, of the Malaysian legal system and sources of law was written by Dr Sharifah Suhanah Syed Ahmad, retired Associate Professor of the Faculty of Law, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, and published on the GlobaLex site. This updated version is dated April 2014.

Malaysia: IALS Library Guides

This guide from the Library of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (University of London), although to a certain extent relating to the Library’s own holdings, nonetheless provides a useful summary of Malaysia’s constitutional and legal history, legislative process and the administration of justice at Federal and State level. There is extensive coverage of online resources, the compilers indicating what material is available on subscription-based services and also providing links to free resources. Much of the advice given on legal research methods is transferable to other other library collections.

Malaysian Bar

The Malaysian Bar is the professional body for all lawyers in Malaysia. Its web site provides information on how to qualify as a solicitor/advocate in Malaysia, legislation governing the legal profession, practice directions, membership directory and news relevant to the profession.

Office of the Chief Registrar, Federal Court of Malaysia

The Chief Registrar’s Office is responsible for the administration of the courts in Malaysia. Its web site provides information on the Federal Court, the Court of Appeal and the High Court, and includes cause lists, court rules, practice directions and biographies of senior judiciary. There are also links to mini-sites relating to the subordinate courts in the various Malaysian states. Much of the content of these is in Malay only.

Overview of Malaysian Legal System and Research

Published on the GlobaLex site in its current revised form in June 2016, this guide was written by Shaikh Mohamed Noordin, law librarian, and Shanthi Supramaniam, partner in the Kuala Lumpur law firm Belden Advocates & Solicitors. It has sections on the sources of law, ministries, government departments, regulatory bodies and the legal profession.

Parliament of Malaysia

The Parliament of Malaysia consists of a Senate and a House of Representatives, together with the King as the Head of State. Its web site includes Bills (in English), directories of members of the two chambers, and Hansard, which is currently in Malay only. Some of the considerable archive is (despite appearances) available in English, or a mixture of Malay and English.

Sarawak State Attorney-General’s Chambers

The Laws of Sarawak and Laws of Malaysia sections of this government site provide lists, by English title, of both Sarawak (i.e. state) and Malaysian (i.e. federal) legislation. This allows users to see which matters are legislated for by the state legislature and which by the federal. A link to the Sarawak LawNet System site (also maintained by the Sarawak State Attorney General’s Chambers) provides access to texts (PDF) of Laws of Sarawak 1932 onwards.

State Attorney-General’s Chambers

The Sabah State Attorney-General’s Chambers web site incorporates Sabah LawNet, which provides the full text of treaties, Sabah Constitution, Sabah laws (ordinances and enactments), subsidiary legislation and local authority by-laws; also the Federal (Malaysia) Constitution.