Advocate Khoj

Advocate Khoj is a free legal information web portal which helps people find qualified lawyers for their legal needs in India. Its Law Library also provides free access to Acts, Supreme Court judgments, law school information, agreements, forms and a glossary of legal terms.

Guide to India’s Legal Research and Legal System

This account of the Indian legal sytem and sources, made available on the GlobaLex site, was written by Dr R.K. Shrivastava, Director at the Supreme Court of India, with assistance from Versha Shah and Megha Srivastava. The latest updated version was published April 2014.

Guide to Indian Laws

Written by Ramakrishnan Viraraghan, a lawyer practising in Chennai (Madras), this guide covers in some depth the constitutional and legal history of India as well as the present-day legal system and institutions, concluding with a bibliography of the major texts on various aspects of Indian law. This updated version was published on the GlobaLex site, November/December 2016.

Helpline Law

This is the web site of a virtual law firm based in various centres in India and with associates worldwide. As well as online access to the firm’s services and information about these, the web site provides articles on a wide range of topics within Indian law, and “bare” (unamended) Acts which may be viewed in subject groupings or browsed by title.

India Code

The India Code site is published and managed by the Indian government’s Ministry of Law and Justice. It permits searching of all Central Acts of Parliament from 1836 onwards by year, number, section number, or word or phrase.

India: IALS Library Guides

This guide from the Library of the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (University of London), although to a certain extent relating to the Library’s own holdings, nonetheless provides a useful summary of Indian constitutional and legal history, and the administration of justice at Central and State level. The coverage of online resources is extensive, indicating what material is available on subscription-based services and providing links to free resources. Much of the advice given on legal research methods is transferable to other other library collections.

Indian Courts

Indian Courts is a portal giving access to the web sites of the Supreme Court of India, most of India’s High Courts, District Courts and numerous tribunals.

Indian Parliament

The Parliament of India comprises two houses or chambers, the Rajya Sabha (Council of States) and the Lok Sabha (House of the People), together with the President of India. Each chamber has its own home page, giving access to (among other things) debates, guides to procedure, bills and information about members.

Judgment Information System

Judgment Information System provides access to cause lists and judgments of the Supreme Court of India, some of the High Courts of the Indian states, and District Courts. Judgments are searchable. Links to the individual web sites of these and other courts are provided.

Law Commission of India

The Law Commission of India – a new Commission is appointed every fourth year – has produced over 270 reports recommending the revision and updating of existing laws. These are now available via the web site, which also has information on the history of the Commission and how it functions.

Legal Information Institute of India

The Legal Information Institute of India is an international standard, free-access, non-profit, comprehensive online collection of Indian legal information, formally launched in March 2011. It is a joint project of four Indian law schools, with initial technical development from AustLII, and is a member of the Free Access to Law Movement. Contents include legislation (the India Code from 1836, some state legislation, and commentary on legislation), case law (over 300,000 cases in full text from the Supreme Court, most High Courts, and tribunals), the Indian Treaty Series (bilateral treaties 1947 onwards), law reform reports (from the Law Commission), legal scholarship (six law journals to date, with scholarship repositories, books and judicial scholarship still to be developed), cases concerning India in international courts and tribunals, and cases concerning India from the pre-1873 English Reports.

Ministry of Law & Justice

The web site of India’s Ministry of Law and Justice includes the Indian constitution and text of most Indian Acts in force, 1836 onwards via the India Code site. It also links to the sites of Government legal departments.

Supreme Court of India

The official web site of India’s Supreme Court features the rules of the Court, cause lists, biographies of the judges and information on jurisdiction. A searchable database of judgments (1950 onwards) is provided via a link to the Judgment Information System web site.