Appleby is a firm which provides offshore legal, fiduciary and administration services from offices in locations worldwide including Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Hong Kong, the Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey, London, Mauritius and the Seychelles. The site has a wide range of publications in various categories (briefs, guides, articles, newsletters, etc), listed by practice area and by jurisdiction as well as by category.

Bermuda Bar Association

The Bermuda Bar Association is the governing body for the (fused) legal profession in Bermuda. Its web site includes the Barristers’ Code of Professional Conduct, lists of individual members and firms and details of continuing legal education programmes, the text of the Bermuda Bar Act, the Bar Disciplinary Tribunal Rules and other relevant legislation and professional rules.

Bermuda Laws Online

The Laws of Bermuda are provided here as currently in force, and annual Acts and Statutory Instruments are available from 1988 onwards. Texts are fully searchable. Also available are the Constitution of Bermuda 1968 and selected UK Statutory Instruments 2000 onwards applicable to Bermuda.

Bermuda Parliament

The official site of the Bermuda Parliament includes Hansard (House of Assembly, not currently Senate) 2010 onwards, Bills, 2010 onwards, Parliamentary Questions, session 2009/10 onwards, Statutory Instruments, 2010 onwards and Ministerial Statements, 2010 onwards.

Finding the Law in Bermuda

This guide was prepared by Karen Skiffington, a law librarian in Bermuda since 1986 and founder of Bermuda Law Reports Ltd. It outlines the Bermuda legal system and sources of law, and provides links to online resources wherever possible. It was published in its present revised form on the GlobaLex site in June/July 2013.

Government of Bermuda: the Judiciary

This Bermuda Government site contains Judgments of the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court for the current year, Practice Directions, 2004 onwards, information on the constitution and personnel of the courts, and (via a link) the Court Rules.


Harneys is a law firm providing international corporate and legal services related to the Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Cyprus and Anguilla. The Publications area of its website provides articles, legal updates, guides and webinars pertaining to these jurisdictions.